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Stewart Ogilby - Sarasota, FL                     

The Cambridge Diet Plan

Just look around and notice how many Americans are seriously overweight! There are many articles online warning of health risks associated with using low calorie diet plans. It would be nice to find as many articles accurately documenting the devastating health risks involved with obesity. Weight-loss is achieved by eating sensibly, combined with a healthy level of physical activity or a regular exercise schedule.

A pharmacist I met socially introduced me to The Cambridge Diet Plan. She has been using Cambridge products for thirty years and loves them.

I am not saying that my way is the only way. However, for anyone interested in copying my successful method, here is how I finally got a grip on my weight problem:


Four months ago I decided to try drinking three nutritionally balanced Cambridge Food For Life shakes daily and to eat a wholesome meal for either lunch or dinner. I avoid bread and rolls, substitute green vegetables for potatoes, and use 4-5 oz. portions of chicken or fish, with an occasional serving of red meat. I avoid salt, butter,and cheeses. I keep peeled bananas frozen in the refrigerator and add half of one to my blender's Cambridge Plan Food For Life shake every morning.

I continue to meet a friend at a restaurant for breakfast one day a week. Instead of my former juice, fried eggs and bacon, toast and jelly, I now have a veggie omelet and a side order of cottage cheese along with coffee. The other days of the week, except Friday, my "real" meal consists of salad made with spinach, sliced grilled chicken, walnuts, grapes, a bit of shredded cheese, red pepper, and a touch of balsamic-vinaigrette dressing. I order this in early or late afternoon, depending upon my schedule.

As instructed by The Cambridge Diet Plan, I make sure to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. I seldom feel hungry during the day. When I do, I eat either a Cambridge Diet Plan nutrition bar or a protein bar from the supermarket (I like chocolate/peanut-butter). About half the time, prior to my swim or work-out at the YMCA, I eat one of these for added energy.

I continue meeting friends for dinner every Friday evening, at which time I order meat and vegetables and split the dinner in half when served, taking home lunch for the next day. Friday is the day I reward myself by splitting a cake and ice-cream dessert with a friend. Nobody is perfect.

I tried several weight-loss programs unsuccessfully over past years before discovering The Cambridge Diet Plan Food For Life products. I was unable to maintain sensible eating habits. By simply adding The Cambridge Plan's tasty Food For Life to my diet, I have dropped nearly thirty pounds over less than four months. I haven't experienced the discomfort of hunger and I didn't have to "knock myself out" with strenuous exercises. In general, I feel better than I have felt for years. My physical and mental energy levels are excellent.

I admit that that I am now "hooked" on The Cambridge Diet Plan Food For Life and glad to share my experience with anyone having difficulty with their own weight.

Some commercial diets boast personal testimonials of persons who drop thirty or more pounds in a single month. While this is impressive, I feel great and am happy to continue with this program. By just continuing with what I am doing, I am confident that my weight will continue to drop at a minimum rate of four to six pounds a month without jeopardizing my health. Four months ago I weighed 245 pounds and by the end of this year (8 months from now) my goal is to be around 185. I am already over half way there!

Formerly a competitive swimmer, my exercise for the past ten years or so has consisted of swimming at the local YMCA for an average of 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Despite this, I continued to gradually gain weight. My exercise schedule has not changed since I started The Cambridge Diet Plan. If you aren't a swimmer, bicycling and walking are also good aerobic activities.


Persons' daily routines vary. I gave you a glimpse of mine and how I work The Cambridge Diet Plan products into it. However, because your lifestyle may be quite different, you will have to make your own adjustments. First of all: I do not cook! I am out and around town most of the day, returning home long enough to change clothes, feed my cat, pick up items I may have forgotten to put in the car in the morning, and, in summer months, I try to find time to use our community's swimming pool with friends.

Cooking is a great hobby and a rewarding experience. It's just not 'one of my things', as they say. Those of you who cook at home will be happy to know that The Cambridge Diet Plan includes a book of suggested recipes with your first order, your Starter Package. One of my previous attempts at losing weight involved a nutritionalist who gave me a meal-preparation schedule which I did my best to follow. Because I didn't lose weight I discontinued the program.

If you are serious about losing that extra weight, you can do it easily with these delicious products. It would be my pleasure to mentor you, with the understanding that I am not a professional. However, I will be happy to share with you information about The Cambridge Diet Plan and what I have found really works.

I read up on the history and experiences of The Cambridge Diet Plan over the years. At this point, I recommend that you take a little time to do the same. Click Background Information. At the bottom of that page there is a link that returns you to this one and you can continue to the next step.

Here are the steps to take:

  1. If you do not already own one, buy a good bathroom-type floor scale. I already owned one, left over from a previous unsuccessful attempt at losing weight. I made the mistake of first buying two cheaper ones from local pharmacies, both of which I returned for good reasons. The one I own today was bought from a large retail store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, that offered a good selection. If I recall correctly, I paid around sixty dollars for it, considerably more than for the cheap pharmacy models that didn't work properly. I was advised not to weigh myself daily in other programs. Now one of the very first things I do every morning is to weigh myself. I make a note of the weight on a nearby wall calendar. Weight may vary day to day. The weekly loss of a pound or two is what is important to me.

  2. Hang a wall calendar near your floor scale.

  3. Set a goal. Make it conservative and realistic. For example, subtract ten pounds from your present weight and place this figure, circled, on your wall calendar one month from the day you start TheCambridge Diet Plan. If your experience is like mine, you will lose considerably more than that 10 lbs. the first month. You added the extra weight over time. It will come off the same way if you are consistent. The idea is not to jeopardize your health. Patience is a virtue. If you want to lose more weight, repeat this step at the end of a month and continue The Cambridge Diet Plan. Once you reach your desired weight, I suggest that you continue with your The Cambridge Diet Food For Life for basic health and nutrition.

  4. Now, enroll on the products website. Wait 10-15 seconds for the "Continue" link to appear in the "New Customer" box after you click on the Cambridge Products Pages. Set up your login-ID and password to browse the website. You will want to review our recommended Food For Life Starter Package. If you have been eating out regularly, this is going to save you considerable money.

    If you are sick and tired of being over-weight, as I was, and want to shape up, click Getting Started. Once you have set up your own personal account, give me a call (at 941-545-3600). I can assist you with the products website and help you monitor your own weight-loss progress. Remember, nothing is going to change until you MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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